venerdì 12 febbraio 2016

ragazza del '75 - 2 -

Over the last few months I’ve written LOTS of new material and gradually it’s come to form the tracklisting of a new EP that I’d like to record with James Lewis (who made The Thin Line with me). The EP will be called Come Home and we’re really excited about getting started and letting you hear it...
It’ll be available for pre-order only on PledgeMusic, and as well as pledging for the signed EP, I’ve had a think about some other things that you might like. There’s hand-written lyric sheets, cartoon drawings (see my skillful drawing of Ellie!) an exclusive listening party in my home-town Brighton and also the first acoustic guitar I ever learned to play on. I also say a little bit more in the video below, but truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you to anyone who is able to pledge and I look forward to the next part of this adventure with you all.
H Xxx

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